Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Knees & Sanity

The best laid plans seem to go off track more often for me than for many others. My expectations for 2013 left out the possibility of surgical missteps. A knee replacement on the left side over a year earlier hod worked very well. The right side turned into a mess.

  The actual knee surgery on January 27th seemed to go well, but within a couple of weeks I was informed that there was a massive infection, presumably created by a contaminated prosthesis. Within a short period of time, the new knee was removed and replaced with with concrete spacers, which are still with me months later. These were not blocks of concrete as I envisioned, but slender rods of concrete, forcing me to keep my leg straight. They are fragile, though, so I've been wearing a chic leg garment called an immobilizer since the second surgery.

I'm still bedridden or wheelchair is hard to believe how desirable a simple shower becomes after five or six months of bathing, or being bathed, out of a bowl of warm water. Take my word for it. As soon as the next replacement is in place and the scar healed enough, I'll drain our hot water tank every day for a week or more!

To add to our fun, just as we were about to move me from a rehab facility to our home so my wife could take over caring for me, lightning struck the house. That was a real blip on our screen. Fortunately, we've got good insurance, so we're currently living in a rental paid for by State Farm.

It took until about ten days ago to pry my computer out of the restorer's grip, and we've been up and running for about nine days.

The decision to change home pages was primarily brought on by Google's announcement that iGoogle was to be shut down on November 1, 2013, and laziness prompted using Meandering Mind as the landing site. Whether this will make any difference to a seldom updated and mostly unread blog, I have no idea.

With luck, I'll post more, though until late October, gaps will happen as I go through more surgery and physical therapy.